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Run Don’t Think (The Agency Book 1) by C.C. Bolick.

The Agency Book 1One hundred thousand dollars. A government agency on their trail.
Two teens are about to learn their world will never be safe again.

In this thrill ride, Angel and Skip go on the run after learning her dad works for a government agency. One of his deadliest enemies is out for blood and Angel could be his next victim. The teens must fight to stay alive as their road trip finds them running from cops and dodging undercover agents. No one is safe from the man with glowing eyes that only Angel can see.

Angel has no idea her dad’s agency monitors people with special powers or that she’s been on their list for years…

This is the first book of a new paranormal series (3 books) based on characters who appeared in the Leftover Girl series.

Books in The Agency Series:
Run Don’t Think
Love Don’t Wait
Fight Don’t Fear

About the author of the Agency series, C.C. Bolick:

C.C. Bolick is the author of nine young adult books, including the Leftover Girl series and The Agency series. She grew up in a small Alabama town where she learned the best roads were always the muddiest. An engineer by day and author by night, C.C. loves to mix teenage drama with her favorite genres–romance, sci-fi, and paranormal.

She writes complex stories about seemingly normal teens who learn they’re anything but normal. C.C. likes her characters with big hearts, room to grow, and the strength to fight for what they believe in. If you enjoy page-turning drama, family secrets, and a special power or two, her books might be for you.

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