Afterlife Fantasy by Luke Smitherd

afterlife fantasyWhat do the dead do when they can’t leave …and don’t know why?

The afterlife doesn’t come with a manual. In fact, Hart and Bowler (two ordinary but dead men) have had to work out the rules of their new existence for themselves. It’s that fact (along with being unable to leave the boundaries of their city centre, unable to communicate with the other lost souls, unable to rest in case The Beast catches up with them) that makes getting out of their situation a priority.

But Hart and Bowler don’t know why they’re there in the first place; if they ever want to leave, they will have to find all the answers to be able to understand the physics of the dead. What are the strange, glowing objects that pass across the sky? Who are the living people surrounded by a blue glow? What are their physical limitations in that place, and have they fully explored the possibilities of what they can do?

Time is running out. Their afterlife was never supposed to be this way, and if they don’t make it out soon, they’re destined to end up like the others. Insane, and alone forever…
In this creeping, mysterious debut novel from the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller THE STONE MAN, the richly-built world of THE PHYSICS OF THE DEAD will slowly draw you in with an icy grip until you are left gasping.

About the author of this afterlife fantasy, Luke Smitherd:

afterlife fantasy author, Luke SmitherdLuke Smitherd is the bestselling author of the hit novel THE STONE MAN, as well IN THE DARKNESS, THAT’S WHERE I’LL KNOW YOU and A HEAD FULL OF KNIVES.

A former singer and guitarist, Luke now writes full time for a living. He a: can’t quite believe it, and b: has to remember that he shouldn’t drink before lunchtime. Not on a weekday anyway.

He currently travels and writes, and ignores cheap jibes about not having a ‘proper job’.

Luke says: If you like my stuff, please leave a nice star rating for any books of mine that you liked. You’ll be doing me a bigger favor than I can say, and it’ll mean the work keeps coming. Thanks for reading.

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