Acceleration Theory – Where is it Leading?

Has the time come for key choices to be made, and decide how to channel and control the world’s exhilarating acceleration?

The Accelerating World: Speed vs. Control by Emmanuel Cassimatis

where the acceleration is leadingHave you noticed the world accelerating around you? Do you feel excited, interested, curious, surprised, cautious or even fascinated? Have you wondered about how to cope with this? Then this book is for you.

Over the past five decades, several mysterious and seemingly unrelated events have taken place. Sand has become rare. Species have disappeared at unprecedented rates. Diabetes rates have boomed. Online data thefts have surged. Urbanization and waste have soared. What is happening? Is it globalization? Or is something much deeper taking place, something that the world had never experienced before – a tremendous acceleration?

Why and how has this acceleration been possible? What are the implications of a new accelerating world and does it necessarily lead to a loss of control? The Accelerating World: Speed vs. Control will take you through captivating anecdotes and data analysis in seven areas: Population, Economy, Technology, Data, Environment, Freedoms and Health. From the implications of a world adding a billion more people every 12 years, to global GDP explosion (X10 in a century!), exponential computing capabilities, environmental use or what it means to live in a world of data and individual freedoms. The Accelerating World: Speed vs. control will take you through some 100 graphical analysis with anecdotes on where the world is and where the acceleration is leading.

But beyond these past five decades, it is the future which is now at stake. Has the time come for key choices to be made, and decide how to channel and control this exhilarating acceleration? With a constructive mindset, various proposals are explored. Including global governance mechanisms to enable the world to cope and regain control of this acceleration.

About the author of the acceleration theory, Emmanuel Cassimatis:

author of the acceleration theory, Emmanuel CassimatisEmmanuel Cassimatis is a technology enthusiast who has been an investor and entrepreneur in the past. Many discussions have led him to become deeply interested in the subject of exponential growth – and how to cope with it. He has also taken part in other books, including a book on investments. He graduated with an MBA from Harvard and master from Edhec.



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