62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown by Sammie Marsalli

62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown: Preventing Her Shutdown Losing My Wife To Alzheimer´s by Sammie Marsalli

Discover in 62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s To Delay Shutdown, my own invented personalized therapies that will empower a caregiver with new tools and strategies from an experienced caregiver to mitigate “in real time ”changes of behavior of their loved one.

Readers will learn as there are no two Alzheimer’s victims alike, there are no two caregivers alike. We are all different in the way we react. This book details personalized activities and therapies that can vary because we are all dealing with very different behavioral changes. Caregivers are completely on their own.

Detailed experiences from successes and failures from a home caregiver is a guide to deal with these behavioral changes.

Home caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer´s will sacrifice whatever it takes, suspend any activity they enjoy, ignore their basic necessities, and neglect their health to prevent their loved ones from shutting down.

Provided are powerful strategies that can delay the shutdown from Alzheimer´s and preserve that precious connection.

Be sure to download 62 Tips For Caregivers Of Alzheimer´s while it’s free on Amazon March 14th.


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