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Read and follow the sugar detox plan and you will experience renewed health and energy.

Fix My Sugar Habit: 4-Week Detox – Quit Sugar, Shed Pounds, and Gain More Energy (SkinnyFatSugar Series Book 1) by Wanauma Graham

Read and follow the sugar detox planIf you smell cookies and gain 5 pounds, struggle with sugar cravings, struggle with a sugar-related health condition, or are fed up with feeling sluggish and want to feel your best again, this is a small little book with a BIG plan that will help you recover, recalibrate, and reset. Quitting sugar is the antidote to sluggishness and many common health conditions.

Fix My Sugar Habit is an easy to read book with 10 sassy bite-sized chapters on how to sugar detox your body, recalibrate your taste-buds, reset your body, and improve your health!

This SkinnyFatSugar series guide is the No Diet, No Scale, No Calorie Counting Sugar Detox Plan that will help you kick sugar, tame your sugar cravings, break your sugar addiction, and embrace healthier eating.

Read and follow the sugar detox plan and you will experience renewed health and energy.

This is not a fad diet or get skinny quick scheme. It’s a REAL sugar detox plan, with REAL food, for REAL people who are ready to take back their health and enjoy the FREEDOM they were meant to live. When you quit sugar, AMAZING stuff happens:

•Belts get looser!
•Skin gets clearer!
•Minds get sharper!

You don’t need to be on a “diet”, you can step off the scale and stop counting calories.

•You will have MORE ENERGY to manage your business and family
•You will be LESS AT RISK for major illnesses
•You will feel MORE HEALTHY
•You will SAVE MONEY with this sugar detox plan
•You will influence your family’s HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

If you’re ready to sugar DETOX, RECOVER, RECALIBRATE, RESET and IMPROVE your health, let this book walk you through it.

See you on the other side!

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