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Transcender: First-Timer (TRANSCENDER Trilogy Book 1) by Vicky Savage

science fiction adventureMissing her school prom isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Jaden Beckett. Her mom died suddenly last year, and her dad has all but checked out emotionally. But after a freak electrical storm catapults her into a parallel version of earth where nations are housed beneath gigantic domes, she finds herself facing a whole new world of challenges.

Kidnapped by mysterious swordsmen on horseback, Jaden escapes with the help of an agent from the powerful Inter-Universal GuidanceAgency–the self-appointed destiny police. Agent Ralston vows to return her to her quiet Connecticut life as soon as he is able, but in the meantime, she’s forced to assume the identity of her doppelganger in Domerica, who just happens to be a member of the ruling family. Though a reluctant imposter at first, Jaden soon discovers some wonderful news–her mom is alive in Domerica, and her new lifestyle is luxurious beyond belief. Then, when she unexpectedly falls for the mysterious outlaw, Ryder Blackthorn, she realizes she is hopelessly torn between worlds.

To make matters worse, as the time draws near for Jaden’s journey home, she discovers Agent Ralston has concealed a vitally important secret from her–one that will change the course of her entire future. What results is Jaden’s extraordinary struggle for control of her own destiny and the freedom to pursue the tempestuous love affair that transcends space and time.

About the author of this science fiction adventure, Vicky Savage:

Vicky Savage science fiction adventure authorVicky is a writer and author of novels, short stories and poetry. Her TRANSCENDER TRILOGY blends science fiction adventure, fantasy, and romance in an exciting cross-dimensional adventure. Her latest, The Weight of Air, is a short work of contemporary fiction presenting a tantalizing “Would I?/Wouldn’t I?” dilemma.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a JD from the Florida State University College of Law. Her work has won awards and/or been published in Writers Digest, New Millennium Writings, and Broken Pencil Magazine. She currently resides in Florida with her charmingly boyish husband, handsome son, and two goofy dogs.

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