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Besides writing Bible books, James McKinney has expanded his writings to fiction, including twelve westerns in a series and is working on number thirteen.

Echoes From the Past (Volume Book 1) by James McKinney

James McKinneyHow often those familiar voices from the past thrill our souls and encourage our fainting and weary hearts today. The echoes of their voices are reminders to us that they too were pilgrims and strangers looking for a city which hath foundations and whose builder and maker is God.
This is a compilation by McKinney of eleven of those ancient voices whose echoes can still be heard down through the annuals of time encouraging, exhorting, and cheering us onward toward the finish line which lies just ahead.



About the author, James L. McKinney:

James McKinneyJames L. McKinney resides in Hickory, North Carolina and has been writing since 2000. He was reared in Yancey and Mitchell counties in western North Carolina in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After graduating from high school (Cane River High School) in 1966 he served four years in the US Navy and is a Vietnam veteran. He has spent forty-one years as an active minister and is presently serving as a church pastor. Besides writing Bible books, McKinney has expanded his writings to fiction, including many westerns. All his books are for a family readership. He has twelve westerns in a series (Bonnett Series) and is presently working on number thirteen.

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