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With 18 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.9 stars, this free mystery available today on Amazon is sure to be an exciting read.

Life Strings by Bruce Borgos

Free Mystery Available on Amazon“An impressive novel full of action, politics, and emotion” – Kirkus Reviews

More than anything else in the world, nine-year-old Jacks wants to help his dying mother. A simple blood test could allow him to do that. But what Annie Brody hasn’t told her son yet is that they don’t share any DNA because he came from an anonymous woman’s egg.

So why does the blood test show Jacks and Annie are related?

The answer is half a world away where a young woman is battling famine, disease, and an endless war to care for 20,000 refugees, the only family she has ever really had. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s made enemies with the one man who controls the supplies her people desperately need.

She alone holds the cure for Annie.

Life Strings is a race against time on every level, a story of a mother willing to put her son in harm’s way in order to save them both, and of another who discovers the inescapable bonds of blood.

About the author of this free mystery available on Amazon, Bruce Borgos:

free mystery availableBruce Borgos (1959 – ) lives and writes from the Nevada desert. A near lifelong resident of the southwest, he combs his dusty newspaper daily looking for interesting topics to turn into great stories. He looks like a serious man but isn’t. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. LIFE STRINGS is his second novel. His first, HOLDING FIRE, is available in paperback or eBook on his blog to find out more about Bruce.


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