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Special Crimes Team Book TwoHuman traffickers abduct children to feed a 35 BILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR industry. Children are raped, sodomized, tortured, murdered.

IN the United States, a child goes missing every 40 SECONDS.

STREET HARVEST is their story.

What do the bodies of two young children have in common with the murders of two adult men?

Eleanor Hasting, a black bookstore owner and child advocate, knows these killings are linked. She must convince Lieutenant Michael Williams, head of the Special Crimes Team.

Psychic Jaimie Wolfwalker, is prepared to do whatever it takes to locate and rescue the missing street children. The law be damned. Jaimie’s attitude and methods place her on a collision course with Sergeant Nita Slowater, second-in-command of the Special Crimes Team.

Four dedicated people struggle to come to terms with each other in their desperate search for clues. Every day brings more missing children, more young bodies. Can they stop the monsters before another child disappears?

Meet Aya Walksfar, author of the Special Crimes Team series:

Special Crimes Team Series author Aya WalksfarAya Walksfar grew up amid poverty and violence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Taught to read and write before the age of six, she spent many days ensconced between the crammed shelves of Carnegie Library. Aya published her first articles at the age of fourteen and since then has written and published articles, poems, short stories and ten novels.

Aya’s mystery stories are ripped from BEHIND the headlines, affording her readers a unique perspective. As Detective Suzanne Eviston in Everett, Washington says about Sketch of a Murder, Special Crimes Team series: “Loving the book! Especially the killer talking in first person…great!”

Good Intentions, a coming-of-age novel, won the 2002 Alice B. Reader Award. Aya has since released a second coming-of-age novel, Hard Road Home, The Story of a Young Girl’s Triumph that has touched hearts and minds with its brutal honesty.  Aya currently lives on a 12-acre wildlife and wild bird habitat with her wife, four German Shepherd dogs, two Papillons, and one old pony.

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