Your Music Career Can Be a Reality!

Make Reality TV Your Reality: Crush Your Reality Singing Show Audition and Ignite Your Music Career by Brianna Ruelas


Do you daydream what it would be like to share your singing voice and talent with millions on a reality tv singing show, but your lofty thoughts are taking you nowhere?

Are you starving to take big action towards your music goals, but have no idea where to start?

Have you auditioned what feels like an infinite number of times and you’re terrified to put the time, energy and effort into something that just leads to rejection?

In this interactive and empowering book, Brianna Ruelas delivers her proven strategies to get you on a clear path to reality music success.

Stop DREAMING of reality singing show success and create your plan to get there. When you get there, have a proper audition strategy, so you can GET NOTICED! Get cast on the show and MAXIMIZE the resources within your audition experience, so you don’t MISS OUT on making your music impact with MILLIONS of new fans.

Make Reality TV Your Reality, will position you for reality singing show success through:

  • Brianna’s 3-phase blueprint to slay your reality singing show experience from start to finish.
  • Your clear plan to get started the right way, even if you’ve auditioned before.
  • Insight and top tips from past reality singing competition contestants and music industry professionals, so you can know what to expect.
  • A roadmap that defines your unique artist brand, to help you present a complete package.
  • A powerful pre audition strategy to avoid the most common reality competition mistakes and develop your audition edge.
  • Your chair turning audition day game plan, so you can stand out and get the “Yes!”
  • “Boss In The  Making” Strategies that will help you leverage the reality singing show platform as a launchpad for your music career.
  • QR Code Technology that will make this book an interactive experience between you and Brianna.

Follow the advice in this book and you’ll no longer question where to begin or whether you can truly deliver at your audition. This unwavering confidence is what you will need to get cast on a reality singing show, so you can share your music impact with millions.

What’s stopping you from taking action towards realizing your dreams and getting your music and message heard? 

Don’t wait! Read this book and be the kind of artist that others admire and chase after. Do something big and supercharge your music career TODAY!

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