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The Coma Whisperer: The non-medical, self-help, stress management book for women uses hypnosis to reduce stress and communicate with a loved one suffering from TBI and coma by Susan Fox

Susan Fox The Coma WhispererYou will love this story by Susan Fox. You literally will not want the book to end. An edge-of-your-seat true story. Reveals how hypnosis brought eight-year-old drowned then revived, comatose victim back to conscious awareness. Based on actual events, within 48 hours of using hypnosis, Jonathan could once again communicate with caregivers and his family. Proof positive guided imagery and positive suggestion (complementary alternative medicine) methods can work, even with some people in a vegetative state. Spiritual! Real! Believable! A must-have book for TBI caregivers. Get your copy now!

About the Author, Susan Fox:

susan foxSusan Fox (1953- ) was born in Chicago, Illinois to a father, Jerome J. Levitt, a World War II hero and a mother who struggled with substance abuse throughout her life. Susan’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1959. She considers herself to be from Arizona living there most of her childhood.

A Girl Scout for 14 years in childhood, Susan learned self-reliance and how to be an effective problem-solver at an early age. She started writing while in her teens and co-wrote and performed in her own neighborhood play when she was thirteen. Susan Fox served one term and was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant from the US Air Force operating a small pharmacy at Andrews Air Force Base. Susan became a certified clinical hypnotist in 1988. Eventually, she received the Woman of The Year Award in 1998 from the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame. In 2004 she received a nomination for American Biographical Institutes Great Women of The 21st Century.Visit Susan Fox at her website:


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