Book Review of “I Ain’t ‘Aving That!

“I Ain’t Aving That!” by Martin Rogers
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Book review of Martin Roger's book
5.0 out of 5 stars Watch out, Lads, he’s got a Twig! January 24, 2014

Martin Rogers has a unique way of looking at things and seems to have a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he thinks someone has treated him unfairly, instead of just complaining and moving on, he does something about it! I recently received a parking ticket, but the sign was covered with a Christmas decoration, so I didn’t see it. Normally, I’d complain about it and pay the fine, but I thought about Martin and said, “I Ain’t ‘aving That!” I took a picture of the sign on my cell phone and went to court. They dismissed the case! I was amazed!

This is a hilarious story of one man’s fight against the system. It’s inspiring, ridiculous, and an eye opener. Just look at some of the chapter headings; “A Jar of Cockroaches For the Council,” “The London Taxi Driver I Paid to Bash Me Up,” “Blame it All on God, Because the Insurance Company Will,” and much more. When Martin returns a defective item for a refund, he’s told they have to deduct because some of the packing material is missing. This has happened to me! I let them get away with it and moved on. Not Martin, he stood around the store complaining and told the other customers not to buy from the store. He got his complete refund.

Being from the US, the southern dialect this is written in is, at times, difficult to understand. But, it didn’t take long for me to get a handle on it and I’m glad I made the effort. Its given me a completely different attitude about life. I can’t wait for the next time someone tries to pull something over on me because, I Ain’t ‘aving That!


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