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Solace From Shadows: Where Mortality and Eternity Collide (Heart and Soul Book 1) by R W Patterson

R W Patterson  Solace From Shadows, the first supernatural romance novel in the Heart and Soul series, is a tribute to lost souls who stumble from the shadows of who they were, and into the light of who they were meant to be…

What happens when every moment, tucked within five brief days, becomes a memory? Each touch, and every whisper becomes a soul’s sustenance to live, to hold on, when all seems lost? What if these few days were all that remained in the hourglass of a life lived? A day of rescue. A day of discovery. A day of togetherness. Another of resolution. On the last day…is it one of hope or tragedy? Life or resurrection…or both?

After a tragic wreck claims Elaine Pearson’s family, she embarks on a solo hiking trek into the Blue Ridge Mountains. She only wants to escape her blighted past and the pain of her broken heart. But through a chance encounter with a protective, mysterious stranger, she is thrust into a world where dark creatures that haunted her childhood nightmares are now stalking her from the shadows…and trailing her up a mountain.

During a summer sabbatical, Duke University geneticist, Dr. Ian Kearney, finds Elaine stumbling along the Bartram Trail alone. His slumbering hybrid vampire/lycan soul slowly begins to awaken, and he is unable to resist or deny the persistent soul stirrings that leave him craving a mate. His forgotten human self, however, is also awakening…and the man within wants everything he knows he shouldn’t–her.

Solace From Shadows introduces Elaine, a young widow trying to make amends with her painful past; and Ian, a unique hybrid embodying both vampire and lycan DNA who is searching for more than the hollow existence he’s created among humans. Their struggle to find peace, while coping with a resurrecting past, becomes a test of determination and fortitude when letting go is impossible.

R W Patterson recognizes the books in the Heart and Soul series are recommended for Adult Audiences as they contain mature scenes and violence. She also recognizes for story flow, readers are encouraged to read the series in order: Solace from Shadows, Light and Shadows, Dark Night of the Soul, and Light Over Dark Water. Each book is not intended as a stand-alone work.

About the author of Solace From Shadows, R W Patterson:

R W PattersonRamonica (Rae) W. Patterson was born and raised in Houston, Texas – calling Washington, DC, and Virginia temporary homes en route to her current residence in Austin, TX. When not penning a novel, she spends quality time with her five sons, husband and Sunshine, the family’s sassy English Budgie. Her education boasts degrees in sociology & psychology, as well as special education. A ‘closet writer’ for most of her life, R W Patterson appreciates a quick turn of phrase, humor, inspiration, romance, and God winks. She is also a breast cancer survivor and advocates for well checks and mammograms.

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