Peaches Dean

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Julie Loaned Out by Peaches Dean

peachesHappily married Julie and Jim meet their new neighbors, and Julie finds herself thinking of more than just dinner and drinks after she meets the handsome married neighbor. Jim urges his wife to cheat with the older man, and Julie gives in, releasing a slutty side of herself she never imagined.

Turned on by his wife’s first reluctant adventure, Jim ‘loans’ her to the neighbor for the day, with the instructions that she ‘do whatever he wants.’ Julie agrees and completely gives herself over to being a slut, even risking pregnancy with this new man while her husband encourages her. She surprises herself at the emotions and urges unleashed by giving herself to a near stranger.

This story includes graphic descriptions of sex, as well as exploring the emotional and mental excitement of taboo relations.

Look for more ‘Julie the Slutty Wife’ stories from Peaches Dean if you like wives and forbidden encounters.

About Peaches Dean

Peaches DeanPeaches loves to write about sexual adventures, whether similar to ones she has actually experienced or complete flights of (horny) fancy. While some of her stories are based upon her adventures, often embellished to fit her wicked memories, others are based upon her nearly-constant dreams and daydreams about sexual adventures.

She likes to focus on the emotional feelings, as well as the physical encounters, and truly believes that the best sex organ is your brain (although you DO need the other parts to make it happen!)

Please be sure to provide feedback and reviews on her work – this encourages her to write even more and bring her adventures to print for your enjoyment.


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