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night peopleNIGHT PEOPLE, an intimate, literary memoir, follows the first three, of six, years in the life of a young singer and three vocalist friends in a transformational journey as they strive for success in a coming-of-age music and romance-filled adventure in 1960-era California and Las Vegas.

As their fortunes rise, he and his rock&roll band are plunged into an adventure that will make them the model for Three Dog Night, take them to dangerous mob-run nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms and backrooms, and famous Hollywood nightclubs, celebrity managers, famous recording studios, and passionate romance.

In this book everything Larry thinks he knows will be challenged, as he tries to adapt to a new life, a new companion and lover, and to the things he finds, and loses, in the tumultuous nights he now inhabits.

Night People was influenced by “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, “The Wrecking Crew” by Kent Hartman, and “The Descendents” by Kaui Hart Hemmings

About Night People author: Larry J Dunlap

Larry J DunlapLarry J. Dunlap is the author of NIGHT PEOPLE, Book 1 of Things We Lost in the Night, A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves and is currently preparing ENCHANTED, Book 2, the concluding volume, for publication in early 2016.

During the years following his memoir Larry continued in the Seventies music business roaming the streets of the Hollywood as a personal manager, publisher, and Sunset Boulevard recording studio owner/operator. In the Eighties Larry co-founded the first digital broadcasting network, to deliver computer games and internet to homes via cable television, followed by several years in video and film production, and post production.

Larry earned his bones for several years as a pencil-for-hire, technical and training writer for Fortune 50 companies. He developed and designed the curricula and training for a national network engineer training program for CompUSA, later freelancing to write extensive training programs for Sprint, basic computer training curricula for Section 8 housing for HUD, and consumer electronics sales training for Sam’s Club.

Larry’s favorite project has been imagining a galactic empire, and then designing, authoring, and developing a graphical multiplayer online strategy game, IMPERIAL WARS, to play in it. He is a published short story author, music magazine columnist, and authored and drew a published music-based cartoon strip named Frets. Currently Larry writes fiction and creative non-fiction from his home near the mountains east of Los Angeles where he shares his life with Laurie and their Chilidog.

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