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Kim vs. the Mean Girl by Meredith Schorr

Meredith Schorr free kindle bookKim has been harassed for the last time and vows to make Queen Bee Hannah pay. She’s put up with Hannah’s “mean girl” antics but this time she’s gone too far. Hannah has stolen Kim’s diary and read it in front of the entire high school class. Now everyone knows about her crush on Jonathan and Kim is completely humiliated.

With her best friend Bridget, she’s devised a perfect plan that will put the evil Hannah in her place. Or will it? There’s a chance the plan may backfire and Hannah will end up even more popular than before. But it’s a chance the high school sophomore is willing to take.

Kim vs. the Mean Girl takes place in the year 2000 and is for young adults that can be read as a standalone novel. A prequel to the Blogger Girl adult romantic comedy series, it’s written in the dual perspectives of the two teenagers, Kim and Hannah. Series fans also get an inside look into Kim’s early life to understand her passions for reading and writing.  It also provides insight into her crush with Jonathan and offers a point of view to help understand why Hannah is so darn mean.

About the author, Meredith Schorr:

Meredith Schorr

Meredith Schorr’s passion for writing surprisingly surfaced while drafting emails for work. She began by writing children’s stories and blogging about her personal experiences. Schorr discovered her desire to write romantic comedy, women’s fiction, and contemporary young adult fiction. Much of her inspiration comes from working as a trademark paralegal and her day-to-day experiences as a single woman in New York, where she was born and raised.

Meredith Schorr is a loyal New York Yankees fan, an avid runner, and an unashamed television addict. To learn more, visit her at


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