One-Minute Meditation

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Try something new – completly different from meditations like, sit quietly and focus on your breath!

You can improve your mood, your approach to life, relationships with people and even your physical and mental state by devoting only one minute to these changes! It’s not magic. It’s the One-Minute Meditation on Four Words. It’s the only one of its kind, as it was created by the author based on his many years of research and experience. Which is why you don’t need to have any experience in meditation!

You don’t need any equipment either. And you’ll find the entire Meditation right at the start of the second chapter!

It’s short, simple and effective.

If you want to savor its soothing, multidimensional effects for more than a minute, you’ll also find different ways to do so. You can even develop it into a deeper 12-day program! It’s a unique, transforming experience…

It doesn’t matter how quick the pace of your life is, you can enjoy the wonderful effects of the One-Minute Meditation on Four Words anywhere, in any stressful situation – even with your eyes open!

Do something good for yourself – it only takes a minute.

Sebastian Dacków

Meditation by Sebastian DackówSebastian Dacków (born in 1978, Poznan, Poland) has been interested for many years in topics related to the improvement, broadly understood, of mood and health, spiritual development and all kinds of “energies”. As a child he used to play with his father’s dowsing pendulum, eventually pleading for his own.

As an adult, he began his adventure with such “miraculous subjects” anew with a course on Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage. Later, he became involved in Reiki (current level: Master), and then in dozens of other energy systems (with initiations from Masters and Teachers from Europe and the USA). He has basic experience in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, channeling, as well as various card types (including Tarot) and runes.

Before concentrating on the Meditation on Four Words, he was very involved in Reconnective Healing (Level III certificate) and had also tried the potential of systems connected with quantum physics: Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics and Frank Kinslow’s Quantum Entrainment. Until now, he shared the possibilities opened up by his newly-discovered systems only with his family and friends.



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