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Magic Forest Adventure: The Secret of The Golden Egg by Maya Sanders

Maya SandersAdventure is found all over the world, but for Shu it was found in the Urman forest. She was the protector of the forest with her best friend and magical horse Tu, but she found that her home was quite uncomfortable. She heard a legend of a magical castle hidden inside an egg, but the only one who could help her was the old viper Yukha. Yukha was known for doing terrible things, but Shu had to trust her. Throughout the story, Shu not only helped Yukha on her journey, but helped her friends. In this tradition Tatar folk tale, the readers will learn the power of kindness and help others.

You and your children are going to love this book.

Amazon reviews for Magic Forest Adventure by Maya Sanders:

My child is really falling in love with this book. My daughter keeps smiling and having fun while I am reading this book to her. She immensely liked Shu the protector of Urman forest.
I recommend this book to all little readers.

There is nothing like this on a Kindle market. Very fresh story and my son loved the weresnake!
It has some black humor but it kids appropriately. A great read to help children learn empathy.

This is a wonderful book by Maya Sanders with beautiful illustrations of unusual creatures. The author has taken a classic old word myths and updated it into a book children will love. Readers will also learn something along the way. If you prepare for the future you will be better off in the end.

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