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Lunar Discovery by Salvador Mercer

lunarA Chinese rover finds an ancient alien artifact on the dark side of the moon and NASA finds itself in a newly minted space race against the Russians and Chinese to secure the technology. Short cuts are taken and risks measured as all three space super powers vie to obtain the prize.

Under pressure, the world is headed for war as NASA falls behind in the space race. The future of mankind is in jeopardy as the super powers race to discover what lies on the dark side of the moon.

Who will get there first, and at what cost?

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About the author of Lunar Discovery, Salvador Mercer:

Salvador MercerSalvador Mercer loves to read. Having read the works from Tolkien, McCaffrey, Donaldson, Asimov, Burroughs, Crichton, and many others, the desire to write took over the once sane man and now he finds himself immersed in telling tall tales and intricate fables from this world, and across the stars to many others.

His stories are inspired by past author greats, but written and moved forward by Mercer who sincerely hopes that the stories delight and entertain the reader. He invites you to enter the worlds and realms of his books, and hopes you share with him your experiences there.

Salvador Mercer is fluent in English, Russian and Spanish, having served in the US Army, 750th Military Intelligence Brigade as a Russian Voice Intercept Operator, works in the field of Public Transit, loves languages, history, reading, boating, traveling, and science. He lives in Ohio with his three boys, a baby (elf), toddler (hobbit), teenager (orc), and wife, Masha.

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