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Connie LhotakA suspenseful thriller novel with an unexpected twist.

When a successful psychiatrist attends a mental health conference in London, he learns about the disturbing story of a man who committed a horrible crime. To do a friend a favor, he decides to get involved in the case. But of course, only to help, right?

Meanwhile, his wife is facing her own challenges, especially the one being married to him.

They say you have to be a bit self-obsessed to get to the top. But how much obsession is too much for one person to take? How sinister does it have to get until the situation becomes unbearable?

The couple maneuvers themselves into a complicated situation by bringing someone into their lives who will turn everything upside down. Nothing is like it seems anymore, and everything gets slowly out of control. How long will it take until one of them finally snaps? And who is it going to be?

Content Warning:
Please note that the content includes some non-graphical descriptions of abuse and occasional swearing, which may be offending and unsettling for some readers.

About the author, C. Lhotak:

Connie LhotakConny Lhotak was born and raised in Vienna. After completing her education in industrial business management, she mainly worked for international cooperations. She moved abroad, and after spending many years working and living in the UK, she finally returned to the city she loved before implementing a significant change into her professional life in acknowledging her creative streak and starting to write novels in her favorite genre.

Connie Lhotak is a mother of a beautiful daughter and considers her family and friends to be most important to her. She is also a passionate reader and loves to work out, so if she is not writing, you will find her reading, exercising, or having a good time with her family and friends.

“Let me tell you something about Oliver G. Finch” is the first thriller novel she has ever published. At the moment, Connie Lhotak is working on her second book, called “Spider Lily,” which will be released in late summer 2021.

Contact Connie Lhotak: www.clhotak.com


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