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kindle-storeBig slut-hair, ferocious red lips, and thigh-highs—Hannah is set for her steamiest New Year’s Eve seduction ever. But instead of a sexy new year romance, her boyfriend of five and a half years breaks up with her. Forced back into the revolving door of the L.A. dating scene Hannah finds herself contemplating second chances with The Ex, trying to comfort herself in the hot young neighbor’s bed, and falling in love…again?

This sexy chick lit series is a humorous romance about dating and relationships. A romantic shotgun blast of cocktails, cockteases, and revelations. Surrounded by her slightly insane friends, Hannah treads the infamous waters of heartbreak. From the pros and cons of rebound sex, to navigating manic Ex-induced mood swings, and exploring whether a leather harness and latex can really help you move on, will Hannah ever find The One? Strap in and hang on, this ride is going to hurt.

Meet Dorota Skrzypek

Kindle Store bio of Dorota SkrzypekDorota Skrzypek, also writing as S.L. Hannah, was born in Poland, grew-up in Canada, and moved to Southern California in 1997 to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes.

Her first book, The Dentist and The Toothfairy, is a graphic novel about a dentist whose soul is saved by a toothfairy’s undying love. This coffee table book is is a collaborative effort of literature, artwork, and a music soundtrack.

Sex, Life, & Hannah is Dorota’s juicy book series about one woman’s insistent quest to find “The One” amidst the revolving door of the L.A. dating scene. Through broken hearts, broken dreams, and nearly-broken bed frames, Hannah grapples with the modern late-twenty-something’s conundrum: Does the fairytale life exist, and is it worth having? Dorota has started work on the fourth book in this steamy chick lit saga, set for release in late 2015.

The Need is Dorota’s first foray into writing an erotic thriller. The manuscript won the 2013 Florida Romance Writers Golden Palm Contest for New Adult Romance, and is an adaptation of a screenplay Scott Frazelle wrote about a woman struggling to free herself from her lover’s physical and emotional binds. Currently being considered by top publishers, buzz about the break-out novel calls it “one powerful piece of writing, creepy as hell.” This book will be the first released under her pen name, S.L. Hannah.

When she’s not writing fiction, Dorota continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.

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