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Work Matters: Insights & Strategies for Job Seekers in a Rapidly Changing Economy by Brent M. Jones  

Job seekers guideAre you in need of a career change and you don’t know where to begin? Are you one of the thousands that have lost their job amidst the current crisis we are going through?

If you would like to change the path of your professional life, this book will guide you on how to get a job in the current global COVID crisis we are going through — no matter your age or life situation.

After working with over 500 people who had lost their jobs in the midst of a tough situation, author & career development coach Brent M. Jones gathered all the key knowledge on what worked for them and turned it into a practical book.

There are less than 10 chapters in Work Matters, which makes it a quick and insightful read — you’ll find only relevant advice included in this book. What you’ll learn:

??How to overcome job loss and find the motivation to find one that adapts to your needs, all in the midst of a crisis.

??How to assess your own set of skills and make the most out of them.

??How to make networking work for you.

??How to deal with the job search.

??How to ace the interviews.

??How to stay relevant in your industry.

“Author and career development coach Brent M. Jones has worked with over 500 people who have lost their jobs or had to find one under difficult circumstances. This book is a product of all the years working with them, where Jones makes a reflection on the current environment and what the implications are for those seeking work, while offering insights on how to achieve a successful outcome with proven, time-tested job-search strategies.”


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