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Free today on Amazon, download Jason Barnum’s science fiction fantasy about a magikal land called Kinzurdia, made up of shifters, witches, elementalists, and even the undead.

Kinzurdia by Jason Barnum

jason BarnumSometimes winning the lottery doesn’t work out the way you would expect.

James and David were once average farm boy twins who now reside in an abandoned haunted castle in Scotland 2007. James found a magikal spell book which turned David into a nightmarish Dire Wolf. Their streak of bad luck didn’t stop even when they found a wounded girl in their Culbin Forest.

Their lives had already changed when abandoned by their mother at 14, their Da died at 16, and now at 17 they are faced with a realization that this wounded girl is not from their world. Evil has found her and they become tangled up in a prophecy that was foretold 13 years ago in a magikal land called Kinzurdia. A land made up of shifters, witches, elementalists, and even the undead.

Evil threatens this new magikal cursed kingdom where only these three teens have the power to save this world from being consumed by it.

This is book 1 in a series.
Parents are advised to read this before allowing their children to read this book due to graphical gore/action scenes. This book is intended for 16+ and may cause readers hours of enjoyment. The book is in first person point of view that hops between 3 main characters.
***Notice at the top of each chapter, the character name indicates who’s Point Of View it is.***

About the author, Jason Barnum:

Jason BarnumJason Barnum was born in Colorado in 1985. Moved to Florida at a very young age. He was diagnosed as a slow-learner and had trouble throughout his school career. He studied harder and longer then any of his class mates all through college to graduate with a Bachelors in Criminology. He works for a reputable corporate bank company as a security supervisor. In is free time he enjoys engaging in fantastical worlds from books, games, and dreams. He has had a knack for expressing his emotions through words since he learned to write as a kid. Little did he know that his emotional written expression would be the key to the start of his own book series. However A good friend of his, S. Wolf, asked him for help with his idea on a book series now called Kinzurdia. Jason put his college composition work to the test and has been working on the book series since 2010. Jason plans to continue with the Kinzurdia series and return to his original book series soon.


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