Heart and Soul Book 1 Free Today

Book 1 of the Heart and Soul series is free today.

Heart and SoulPassion. Lies. Heartbreak.
Nineteen-year-old Belinda Perry has known the Preston brothers her whole life. Heirs to a multi-billion dollar real estate empire, Reese and Lucas Preston are American royalty–rich, handsome and notorious for their bad-boy reputations. Having been in love with Reese for as long as she can remember, Belle finally gave in to the simmering passion between them, igniting a romance that was too intense to control and too volatile to endure. Soon she found herself caught up in a bitter family deception and was forced to pick up the shattered pieces of her life, leaving everything behind and vowing never to fall in love again.

A betrayal that tore them apart.
Some mistakes will haunt you for the rest of your life. For Reese Preston, it was the day he broke Belle’s heart and threw her out of his life. Now he has to live with the guilt and regrets of his action, his days and nights haunted by thoughts of her, desperately yearning for the once-in-a-lifetime love they had shared and suffering the quiet agony of wanting a woman who wants nothing to do with him.

A love they couldn’t forget.
Eight years later, Belle rekindled her friendship with Lucas and found herself crossing paths with Reese again. Refusing to reconcile or forgive him for their tumultuous past, she tries to keep him at a distance. As tension and passion reignite between them again, so does bittersweet memories, leaving them wary, vulnerable, and uncertain. Reese will do anything to have her back in his life, but can Belle ever forgive him for the past? Or do some wounds run too deep to ever heal from?

*This book has been professionally edited as of July 2020 for a better reading experience. The book’s content (story, plot, characters, etc) remains exactly the same as the original version published.*

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