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Founder’s Day plants the seeds for the end of the first cycle of the Greystone series. Get your free copy today!

Founder’s Day: A Greystone Tale by Lou Paduano

A Greystone TaleCan Detective Greg Loren find the killer before more of the city of Portent’s founders are murdered?

Dressing the murdered city officials in a black robe and cloak, the killer strikes on the eve of the Founder’s Day Celebration. Are the murders linked to the Church of the Second Coming? What is the startling fact Detective Loren and his new partner, Samantha Myers, discover that connects the deaths?

Read the sequel to Resurrectionists, as the entire city of Portents is at risk and Detective Loren is put to the ultimate test.

This tale plants the seeds for the end of the first cycle of the Greystone series and is a primer for the upcoming Greystone Collection, Pathways in the Dark, to be released February 20, 2018!

About the author of the Greystone Tale, Lou Paduano:

Lou Paduano is the author of the Greystone series of urban fantasy novels including the latest in the series, The Medusa Coin. Lou is a dad, a husband, and a comic book fiend, living in Buffalo, New York with his wife and 2 daughters.
His next release, Pathways in the Dark, is scheduled to be released in February 2018.

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