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In compressed language George Thomas Clark presents Tales of Romance, a compilation of short stories and creative columns about relationships between men and women. The book offers four chapters – Dating, Swingers, Issues, and Breakups. Among many highlights; a man struggles with online dating; a professional woman looks for men qualified to go out with her; a teacher of adults becomes involved with one of his students; a young lady is tormented by an impending abortion; husbands and wives stray from their marital beds in numerous stories. These difficulties lead to a variety of divorces and breakups, some humorous, others tragic.

Tales of Romance by George Thomas Clark

george thomas clarkThese short stories and creative columns examine entertaining but stressful problems about people merely doing what nature mandates. They seek love or companionship on dating websites and meet people at work or on the phone or even at the southern border. They marry or date and quarrel with each other or former spouses unwilling to step aside.

They tire of each other and seek intimacy wherever and however they can find it. They break up and reconcile and divorce and do so in ways reasonable and outrageous. That’s how it is in Tales of Romance.


About the author, George Thomas Clark:

George Thomas ClarkGeorge Thomas Clark is the author of King Donald, In Other Hands, Paint it Blue, Death in the Ring, The Bold Investor, Hitler Here, an internationally-acclaimed biographical novel, Obama on Edge, and Echoes from Saddam Hussein.

In addition to writing, Clark follows the news and sports, exercises daily (albeit delicately), collects contemporary art, enjoys independent movies, and travels to places (most recently Madrid, Mexico City, Quito, Guanajuato, and Aguascalientes) where he can socialize in Spanish.

The author’s website is

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