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By James Harper, Deborah Fox, R.C. Fettig, Will Paoletto, Lee S. Hawke, K.M. Liss, Debra Dier, Anna Zaires, Hazel Kelly, Cathy Bryant, Ellie Danes, Nadia Brown, Justin Sloan, Hana Goldberg, Isabel Uys, Manolis Messinis, M.G. Hawking, Stacy Juba, Ron Briglia, Clayton Rogers, Melinda Rivers, Jim Chatterton, Nhys Glover, Gerard Henry, Scarlett Avery, Sam Croft, Linda Hubalek, J.B. Simmons, Jason Daughtry, and Katherine Greyson.

Free eBook Feb. 15 – 20

Therapy (Dr Sex Series Book 1) — K.M. Liss

When I arrived for the RB Groupie Sex Workshop I had no idea what to expect.
I’d done some research on our host, Dr Sex…
The exceptionally handsome and highly regarded sex therapist, Ryan Brantwell.
But what lay in store within those four walls was at that moment unknown.
As the days progressed I found myself being torn to shreds inside.
My world being tipped upside down.
And that was just the very start of things…


Free eBook Feb. 16 – 18

Saint’s Temptation by Debra Dier

From bestselling author Debra Dier comes a tale of a returning war hero and the lady intent on healing his wounded soul. Saint’s Temptation is set during the Regency period in England. This edition includes substantial revisions to the original paperback edition, including changes to plot and characters while maintaining the original intent of the story.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 16 – 20

The X-Club (A Krinar Story) by Anna Zaires

A young journalist. An alien sex club. A Krinar who won’t take no for an answer.

Amy Myers is tired of writing fluff. She wants to work on serious assignments—and what better way to prove herself than to uncover something new about the mysterious Krinar, the aliens who took over the Earth just two years earlier?

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Free eBook Feb. 16 – 20

Tempted by the Boss by Hazel Kelly

Tempted by the Boss is the first book in the Tempted Series by Hazel Kelly.

When Ella Riley gets a chance to score her dream job at the Abbott Hotel, she can’t believe her luck.. or how insanely sexy her billionaire boss is.

Still, Ella is determined to impress him with her professionalism in order to land the full time position she so desperately needs.

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Free eBook Feb. 16 – 22

The Way of Grace by Cathy Bryant

A small-town girl seeks a perfect life with the perfect man, but learns too late that all that glitters isn’t gold.

Gracie Soldano, a justice-seeking perfectionist fresh out of law school, dreams of a perfect life in her hometown of Miller’s Creek, Texas. How could it be possible that the perfect man–who just happens to be her handsome colleague–expresses an interest in someone like her?

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Free eBook Feb. 17 – 20

It Takes Two (The Matchmaker Series, Book 1): An Alpha Billionaire Romance — Ellie Danes

It Takes Two is the the new hot and steamy romantic series by Ellie Danes.

Harper Browning is a struggling, twenty-four-year-old grad student that has been looking for the perfect man in all of the wrong places. Her search for her fantasy romantic bad boy always ends up in disappointment, but a chance invitation to attend a
seemingly innocent party take her to a whole other world.

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Free eBook Feb. 18 – 20

Unscrambled Eggs by Nadia Brown

Profound and riveting, this is a 60 poem book collection with poetry that enlightens, speaks the way of life and the world. The poems from Unscrambled Eggs has a universal appeal, and is true to life in form. Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one’s purpose.

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Free eBook Feb. 18 – 23

Teddy Bears in Monsterland: A Coming of Age Fantasy Novel (Teddy Defenders Book 1) Justin Sloan

A teddy bear must travel into the land of monsters to rescue his boy who was taken in the night. In the process, he discovers a much larger plot that threatens all children everywhere.

Welcome to a world where teddy bears come to life at night to protect the children, and shadow monsters are controlled by goblins and orcs,

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 19


After eleven years of marriage, Maya is swept away on a sensual, daring and hilarious journey following a random meeting with a stranger. Through alleys fragrant with the pungent smell of fried rice, amid child beggars and vendors of psychedelic fabrics, she makes surprising discoveries about the stranger, and about herself. How far will she be willing to go?

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Free eBook Feb. 19

English: Grammar Rules and Reference Lists by Isabel Uys

Sometimes it is hard to find specific information needed in a dictionary—often it is not found at all. This book provides grammar rules and useful reference lists in a single volume. It should give users an excellent knowledge of English. The information is suitable for children and adults.
Contents include: The alphabet, punctuation, the tenses, word division and syllables, proverbs, idioms and expressions,

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Upcoming Free eBook February 19 – 20

The Wise Man Path / Manolis Messinis

upcoming free eBook“What divides us from reality,
Is nothing more than the thickness of a shadow…”

The following meetings could possibly have taken place. But if one scholar
stated convincing evidence to the contrary, this would not exclude the possibility
of taking place in the no distant future. How?

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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 20

Mystic Wisdom Of the Masters – The Esoteric Knowledge of Great Adepts, by M.G. Hawking

This volume reveals the esoteric knowledge and practices of several profoundly enlightened individuals. In the 1970s, while on an extended trek in the Himalayan Range, the author encountered a remote village deep in the vast wilderness of massive ice peaks, a village called Siddhalaya. There he had the privilege of meeting a number of extraordinary men and women—introduced to him as “masters” or “adepts”—possessed of a knowledge

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 Upcoming Free eBook February 19 – 21

Teddy Bear Town Children’s Bundle by Stacy Juba

upcoming free ebookImmerse your child in the sweet and gentle world of teddy bears with three complete picture books from the writing and illustrating team of Stacy Juba and Larry Drumtra. Each of these bedtime stories is fully illustrated with simple and cheerful illustrations of teddy bear families. Illustrations are large and are especially vivid on color e-readers. Includes interactive pop-up text.

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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 21

CRYSTAL’S BALL by Ron Briglia

An offbeat love story between a writer and a mysterious woman from his past that takes place in a Northern California coastal town. Their story is paralleled with a similar romance between a logger and a schoolteacher in the 1890’s from the same coastal town.


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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 21

The 56th Man by J. Clayton Rogers

A former member of Saddam Hussein’s Special Security Force arrives in Richmond, Virginia. Under the name of Ari Ciminon, he sets up house on the James River. The house was purchased for him by the U.S. Marshals Service, which is responsible for watching over him while he supplies intelligence to CENTCOM. Because he is fluent in Italian (as well as a host of other languages) he is presented to his new neighbors as an Italian of Arab descent.

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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 22

Swept Away by Melinda Rivers

When Eloise Grey is caught kissing a stable boy, her parents arrange a marriage to a stranger in an attempt to keep her out of trouble. Soon Eloise finds herself living with a new family while she awaits the arrival of her future husband, the older Uncle of the Earl of Northampton. When the dashing Earl, Edward James arrives and is entranced by the beautiful Lady Grey, Eloise finds herself trapped between her impending marriage and her desires for the Earl’s passionate embrace.

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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 23

Imperfect Storm by Jim Chatterton

At the age of 46, Jim Chatterton’s life was changed forever when he collapsed from a major, life altering stroke. Not realizing at first the full extent of his injuries, Jim details with brutal honesty the impact it had on his life and his fragile mindset when the realization dawned on him of the seriousness of his situation. This is the story of how one man fought back against all the odds as he attempted to rebuild his shattered life.

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Free eBook Feb. 19 – 23

Scorpio Sons 4: Chase: (SF/Shifter Romance) — Nhys Glover

You can’t escape your destiny, even if you want to. And Chase Scanlan has wanted to all his life. Even so, he follows his destiny and becomes the leader of the Scorpio Sons, making duty and the responsibility for saving the world his only priorities. Until fate steps in again, presenting him this time with a mate he doesn’t want. Not because she isn’t beautiful or smart enough, or doesn’t stir his blood, because she does all that and more.

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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 20 – 22

Rory’s Eagle by Gerard Henry

As the young warden of Glencrevie Estate, Rory Baird is fiercely protective of his woods and the wildlife that lives there. Woken one night by the hoot of an owl, he looks out to see a light flickering in a derelict building. Summoning all his courage, he goes to investigate, only to plunge into an unimaginable nightmare.

Cornered by a vicious dog and seized by a rich and wildly unbalanced man, Rory finds himself locked up in the highest room of a remote castle.
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Free eBook Feb. 20 – 22

Unbearable Passion – Never Say Never: Romantic Erotica For Women Series (Unbearable Passion series Book 1) by Scarlett Avery

This is the ultimate arrangement for Sofia Herrera. Sometimes in life, you’re forced to consider the unthinkable–especially when desperation is the only card you have left to play.
Lose yourself in this sensual, sexy and steamy romantic erotica for women series between Billionaire, Bryce Van Der Linden, and former real estate queen, turned escort, Sofia Herrera in this kinky and tumultuous billionaire romance novel that contains themes of domination and submission.

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Free eBook Feb. 20 – 22

Requiem by Sam Croft

One hundred years ago, the Russian Royal Family fell under the spell of Grigori Rasputin, a peasant from Siberia, with dire consequences. Now, almost everyone has heard the name: Rasputin, notorious womaniser and charlatan, the man who could not be killed.
Ruth Watson’s father lost everything in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Now, in the midst of the Great Depression, and unable to marry her fiancé, Ruth takes work wherever she can

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Free eBook Feb. 20 – 22

Rania Ropes a Rancher: A Historical Western Romance (Brides with Grit Series Book 1) by Linda Hubalek

Rania Hamner and her family emigrated from Sweden fourteen years ago to work on a Texas ranch, working cattle and herding them up the Chisholm Trail. Something in her life on the trail caused her to doubt her worth, and her ability to trust a man enough to become his wife. Once the family buys a homestead in Kansas, she meets a rancher who begins to make her believe she can trust and fall in love after all.

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 Free eBook Feb. 20 – 24

Light in the Gloaming (The Gloaming Book One) — J.B. Simmons

“The Gloaming was worse than the grave…”

Or so Tryst believed when he banished the former prince to this secret and brutal exile. Now Tryst sits on the throne of Valemidas. He feasts with nobles and prepares an army to conquer the world.

But things are never as stable as they seem. Old loyalties remain.

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Free eBook Feb. 21 – 22

Dog owners manual: Blueprint for a happy, healthy dog — Jason Daughtry

The perfect manual to help your dog be obedient, healthy and happy. Gives valuable insight into how dogs think, how to train your dog, proper diet for your dog and common diseases in dogs (like Kennel cough) and how to spot and treat them. Examines some natural foods for your dog. This book will help your dog be a healthy, vibrant member of the family for years to come.

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Free eBook Feb. 21 – 25

FACADES CRUMBLE Contemporary Romance Saga: Part 2 (EVERYONE KEEPS SECRETS) by Katherine Greyson

When tragedy strikes a family, the fall out can be devastating. For Police Chief Robert Kendall, life and death is part of the job, but what if tragedy hits home? While Robert is hot on the trail of a group of cunning drug dealers, he thinks about mistakes from his past—and the secrets that lay hidden there. Then in the second half of Facades Crumble, we return to present day Stony Creek as Simplicity continues to hunt down more answers to the handsome riddle known as Jake Hanson, but will her digging put her in grave danger?
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Free eBook Feb. 12 – 16

Strip Squeeze by James Harper

Jesse Springer would agree—now. Jesse, a garden-variety, egocentric rich guy with an unerring penchant for shooting himself in the foot, is being blackmailed after a visit to an up-market strip club owned by the local crime boss. The problem is he doesn’t remember a thing about it—even after a wad of explicit photographs arrive in the mail one morning, making him choke on his cheerios.

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Free eBook February 12 – 16

Simple Meals for Work (Eat Well, Feel Great Book 2) by Deborah Fox

Simple Meals for Work, by Deborah Fox, offers the reader a proven way to get organized for healthy eating at work. It shows step by step how to eat right with healthy tasty food.

This book is part of a book series by Deborah Fox which deals with nutrition and how to lose weight without having to go through diets and counting calories.

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Free eBook Feb. 13 – 17

The Ruling of Valedrun by R.C. Fettig

A princess concealed in a foreign world.
A desperate race between royal assassins and a protective knight to locate her.
Window display artist, Johanna Wesley enjoys her simple life in the city. She’s finally gaining renown and decent paying jobs for her talent. She even hired Jake, an attractive assistant who is intent on becoming more.
Wolf, a relentless knight, shows up and destroys her carefully crafted life and her basic beliefs.
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Upcoming Free eBook Feb. 13 – 17

The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked, and Other Stories by Will Paoletto, Kathy Benjamin, Adam Tod Brown, Tom Reimann, Dan Seitz, Ben Blanchard, Josh Galligan, Jeff Kelly

This anthology of drug tales takes you deep inside the minds of seven talented writers at their highest. Featuring regulars Adam Tod Brown, Kathy Benjamin, Dan Seitz, Tom Reimann, and Jeff Kelly, stand-up comedian Ben Blanchard, and Josh Galligan, The Most Dangerous Marijuana… is an entertaining, uncensored exposé of just what can go wrong—or oh-so-scandalously right—when drugs take center stage.

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Free eBook Feb. 14 – 16

Division: A Collection of Science Fiction Fairytales by Lee S. Hawke

From LEE S. HAWKE, author of The Changeling and the Sun (published by Ideomancer Speculative Fiction Magazine) comes DIVISION: A COLLECTION OF SCIENCE FICTION FAIRYTALES.

Featuring 7 original, fairytale-inspired science fiction short stories, this collection explores the division between mind, body, technology, and humanity in Hawke’s trademark haunting style.

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