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Rocks and Rhyme 2 in 1 Fun: Crystals for Kids & Rocks with Socks and Fox by Brenda DeHaan  

Crystals For KidsKids love rocks, and this book combines two books for children to enjoy.

“Crystals for Kids” shows 17 rocks and minerals, one page with each stone’s name and the other with rocks arranged in a magical village scene. This book has hardly any words; the pictures are the focus.

“Rocks with Socks and Fox” is a fun rhyming book showing 30 different kinds of rocks. This beginning reader book also teaches positional words.

Why read just one book when you can read two?

*To best view the colorful photographs, please read this Kindle book on a device with color capabilities. Enjoy!

About the author of Crystals For Kids, Brenda DeHaan:

Crystals For KidsBrenda DeHaan is the author of an eclectic mix of books for both children and adults, each written in a down-to-earth style with photographs to illustrate the information. Her books’ topics for adults include craft fairs, healing crystals, library genrefication, and indie authorship. The children’s books are about acceptance, diversity, plastic straw options, celebrations, and rocks and minerals.

She has been a high school and college English teacher and is a K-12 librarian at two school districts. Her favorite 3 R’s are reading and relaxing in her recliner.

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