Bud Clark’s key to a peaceful revolution.

Bud Clark’s beautifully written story is an Amazon Best Seller and has the capacity to change our thinking and our world. Download it now for only $0.99 while you can!

A Future for the 99 Percent: The 4 Keys to Peace, Happiness, Security, and Connection (Save the World Book 1)  by Bud Clark

Bud ClarkDo you feel like the world made a wrong turn somewhere along the way to here-and-now? Has it affected your life?

“A Future for the 99 Percent” tells the story of a man and woman who meet by chance (it’s not a romance) and engage in a conversation as they travel around Chicago. The discussion explains 4 Keys to revisioning your life and reinventing your world. Yes, it is possible!

This book shows how we can overcome divisions to unify and take on the powerful private interests that control our information, our government, our pay checks, our options, and almost every aspect of our lives. It offers a realistic hope for you and your children.

“A Future for the 99 Percent” introduces the opening to a pathway toward freedom. It offers real solutions that you may employ immediately. It suggests a way to reduce stress, find security, enjoy life, and make meaningful connections with others. It illuminates how you might change your life in a positive direction.

About the author, Bud Clark:

Bud ClarkBud Clark has lectured on his Rational Revelation every semester from 2013 through 2015 at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. The revelation came to him as he commuted 3.5 hours round trip every work day.

As Bud made that long, lonely trek each day he developed a mindful state of awareness completely in the ever dancing present moment. He often arrived at work or home feeling that almost no time had passed during the trip.

Bud believes that some characteristic of his mindful state allowed the revelation an opening. The revelation seemed extraordinarily odd to him. Bud’s wife feared he had fallen through the rabbit hole. Bud decided to investigate.

He studied physics intensely for five years. He would experience epiphanies, then shoot them down. He was highly skeptical. Yet Bud could not give up. Finally, he developed an amazing model of the universe that he could not destroy. It rested on the solid rock of experimental physics. It resolved a persistent paradox in physics and philosophy in an extremely counter-intuitive way that fit with all accepted experimentally supported theories. And that model reflected the revelation.

“A Future for the 99 Percent” emerged from the revelation and the theoretical scientific work. This Rational Revelation calls on us to believe, think, and live differently. It calls on us to unite to overcome our challenges.

Bud Clark founded NUW, Neighbors United Worldwide, in response to the imperatives inherent in the Rational Revelation. NUW serves as a platform for personal and community development in the context of the Rational Revelation. It offers the possibility for people to unite to take on the global corporate oligarchy successfully. The movement will build on the successes of other nonviolent revolutions.


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