Audrey Murders Book 1 Free Today!

If your looking for a crime fiction series for your Kindle, Leonie Mateer’s book 1 of the Audrey Murders series is free today.

The Murder Suite: The Audrey Murders by Leonie Mateer

The Audrey MurdersResidents in a small rural town think they know Audrey, the friendly owner of “The Three Suites”. But do they?

When Audrey’s guests begin to disappear and human bones are found on her property, the local police are pressured to find the new murderer in town.

The Murder Suite is the first book in the five book series “The Audrey Murders”. The perfect girls’ “binge read.” Fun, fast and addictive.


Meet the author of the Audrey Murders, Leonie Mateer:

author of the Audrey Murders, Leonie Mateer

Leonie Mateer was born and raised in New Zealand, but moved to the United States in her 30s to pursue business opportunities. She lived back in New Zealand for several years in the 2000s, running a luxury lodge in Northland, and now splits her time between New Zealand and the USA.

Mateer is known as the creator of the multi-million dollar TEEN brand and product line “CABOODLES”. And with over thirty years experience in product development and brand development she has published business advise books.

She has also written The Audrey Murders – a five book thriller series, starring Audrey, a serial killer living in idyllic small-town New Zealand.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS include: THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DANTONIA (mid-grade), BLACK LAKE (mid-grade), THE BIRD BOYS (mid-grade), and


She recently released a new online game ‘READ YOUR OWN FORTUNE” based on a product line she launched over 25 years ago and has take the concept of deciphering tarot cards so anyone can read professionally their own fortune – online, anytime.

Leonie’s two daughters and four grandsons live in the United States and are a constant inspiration for many of her stories.

Visit her website at:

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