Anna Hill Offers Free Fantasy Adventure

I had the pleasure to read The Cursed: book three in the Tainted Series by Anna Hill. Be sure to read my review.

The Cursed: Book Three in The Tainted Series by Anna Hill

The Cursed by Anna HillWith so much death surrounding her, a terrible darkness clouds Rebecca’s mind, seeping into her every thought, her every instinct. Lured by the intoxicating power of her Feiceann Lineage, Rebecca finds herself teetering on the edge of losing herself entirely to its sinister desires. No matter how hard the Crew fight to keep her stable, Rebecca can feel the dark urges winning and her Feiceann side slowly drowning out her true spirit.

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Desperate for some sense of stability, for anyone who can help save her, Rebecca begins the search for the only member of her family who might be able to bring her peace…her father.

With time running short, and Rebecca’s mind rapidly deteriorating, will she be able to save herself? Will she find the help she needs? Or will she lose herself once and for all to her Feiceann darkness?

About the author, Anna Hill:

author Anna HillAnna Hill has debuted her writing career with The Tainted Series. Set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the books share her sense of adventure, love of fantasy, and natural draw to nature. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found clinging to a rock face somewhere in the world.


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