Adelaide Henson Mystery Series

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Adelaide Henson Mystery Series (3 book series) by William Cain

Adelaide Henson Mystery Series

In this dark women’s sleuth murder mystery series, romance and suspense spice up the adventures of Detective Adelaide Henson, as she investigates a gruesome murder.

A wealthy, mysterious man, living in a small town of the Blue Ridge Mountains, finds his wife brutally killed. During Adelaide Henson’s investigation of the crime, she meets the son of a strange witness and yes… falls in love. Their romantic connection is instant, but not without doubt and intrigue.

The case leads our detective directly into the underworld of Chicago and Miami. She encounters seedy characters, crime families, professional killers, fight club champions, spying housemaids and goomahs.

Adelaide also finds the widower to be a dangerous criminal, and that he has a human side – even when he’s surrounded by enemies. Someone murdered his wife and now they want him to meet his fate. And he’s not waiting. He’s got an army of killers at his disposal and he’s going to use them.

A hitlady with a reputation is on her way to seal his destiny!

If you like strong one of kind female characters determined to find the most heinous psychotic killers, even if it means entering into the dark and dangerous underworld, then follow this psychological mystery series and super cop Adelaide Henson on her thrilling adventure of murder, mystery, mayhem, and intrigue.

My Review for book 2 of the Adelaide Henson Mystery series:

Addie is a female detective with the Asheville, North Carolina police department. She’s searching for the person responsible for a gruesome murder. Surprisingly, her investigation leads her to a suspect that is personally connected to her. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Who is the murderer?

The Aedlaide Henson Mystery series is a passionate love story and a violent crime mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end. This is a ten-book series with three of the books available. I look forward to reading the rest of this series. If you like suspenseful crime murder stories with mob bosses and hot romance, you’ll love this series.

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