Addiction – Everybody’s got 1

Addiction starts off simple, but ends up too difficult to understand! Download this eBook by Mildred Stallworth now while it’s free on Amazon.

Addiction!: Everybody’s got ‘1 What’s yours? by Mildred Stallworth

AddictionAddiction is motivated by a secretive force that can’t be seen on the surface, but the yearning desire is never fulfilled because the craving comes back time and time again.

It is real, admitting it is hard. It starts off simple, but ends up too difficult to understand! No matter how private or vigilant a person thinks they are; everybody’s got ‘1!

It is an illness by choice that’s developed through cravings. Many people engage in hundreds of different behaviors throughout the day.

About the author, Mildred Stallworth:



Mildred Stallworth, author, business owner, and manager of StallworthWorldWide LLC. Mildred was born in Monroeville, AL on October 2, 1961.
Visit her website to find out more about her and take a look at some of the other books she’s written. Effective Leaders and LeadershipSpiritual Conduct for LeadershipThe Life of Magdaline Slatewood: Brief SummaryThe Universe: The Christian Point of View – Think Success or Failure: The Mind Leading Effectively: Proven Leadership Business and Politics: Leadership

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One
    What is an addiction?
    How are they formed?
    What causes them?
    How easy is it to admit to having one?
  • Chapter Two
    Warning signs of Alcohol Addiction
    Is Alcohol classified as a drug?
  • Chapter Three
    Tobacco and Cigarette
  • Chapter Four
    Prescription Addiction
    Opiodis & Opium
  • Chapter Five
    Methamphetamine (Meth)
  • Chapter Six
    Behavioral Addiction
    Social Media (Internet)
  • Chapter Seven
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chapter Nine
    Work Addiction (Workaholics)
  • Chapter Ten
    Overcoming Cravings

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