10 World Wonders – Free Children’s Picture Book

Download this children’s picture book, 10 World Wonders, while it’s free today.

10 World Wonders: picture book for kids of all ages – amazing adventure (Kids Books For Young Explorers 1) by Gene Lipen

10 World WondersHe’s off to experience an incredible adventure around the world. What amazing surprises await him along the way?

Adventure-loving Arthur is a dog on a mission. He can’t wait to experience the 10 mind-blowing world wonders. He is all packed and ready for this experience of a lifetime.

From camel rides through the pyramids, to snorkeling in the ocean, nothing can stop Arthur from discovering what our planet has to offer.But with so many wonders in store, he’s sure to have many unbelievable stories to bring back home!

What incredible destinations will Arthur uncover on his sight-seeing quest?

10 World Wonders will delight you with bright pictures, colorful words, and impressive facts. Visiting the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and the Arctic, you’ll go on an unforgettable multi-continent journey.

10 World Wonders is the fur-tastic first installment in the beautifully illustrated Kids Books for Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you and your child like discovering new places, learning about nature’s marvels, and fetching historical info, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s paw-mazing children’s adventure.

Download 10 World Wonders while it’s free today.

About the author of 10 World Wonders, Gene Lipen:

author of 10 World Wonders, Gene LipenGene Lipen is a writer and author of the new children’s book series: Kids Books for Young Explorers.

A father of two daughters, and with many years of family travel experiences around the world behind him, he has a unique perspective of looking at the beauty our planet has to offer. With a passion for writing and a distinct desire to share his family experiences with the world, he has created a new series of children’s books that are meant to spark kids’ imaginations and get them excited about exploring the world we live in.

Be sure to download 10 World Wonders while it’s free today.
Gene was born in Eastern Europe and traveled with his family in his teens to the United States. His lifelong obsession with visiting different countries and understanding different peoples, led to the start of fun and unique books for young readers.


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