Emma Jaye’s Hybrid Series is on Sale!

Emma Jaye is offering all eight books in the Hybrid series for only $0.99. They will revert to their normal price of $3.99 in June.

Discovery: Hybrid #1 by Emma Jaye 

emma jayeHybrid alien/human female with healing ability is captive to the human federation. She reaches adulthood and unknowingly beguiles both her ‘minder’ and a native of the planet who were trying to capture her. Enmeshed in a universe that wants to use her, she must find her way through political intrigue, lust, violence and ambition to discover who and what she is.

Chesara’s extraordinary ability means she is coddled, pampered and in high demand from the wealthy of the Universe as she can heal illnesses and injuries far beyond the skills of medical science. Being pursued for herself, rather than her ability is a new experience, and one that thrills her to the core. Unfortunately things that seem too good to be true, usually are.
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About the author, Emma Jaye:

Emma JayeFor the last week of May 2016, all 8 books in the Hybrid series will be $0.99. They will revert to their normal price of $3.99 in June. Happy reading!

I follow my muse wherever she takes me, and her list of future destinations stretches further than my eyes can see. I thoroughly enjoy visiting all these worlds and hope she continues to show them to me so I can share them with you.

My books range from tongue-in-cheek Christmas humour, unconventional contemporary romances, and some darker stories in paranormal or alien settings. All contain adult scenes and some have occasional violence.

If you want to keep up with my spicy imagination, you can find me here:

I always answer questions and comments from readers, so feel free to get in touch.


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