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If you haven’t read anything by Ken Coleman, now is a great time to start with his free western romance.

Beatrice and the Beast by Ken Coleman & Verity Goodyear

Ken Coleman free romanceAfter Beatrice’s father dies in the Great Chicago Fire, she is forced to sell all their possessions to pay off his debts.  Destitute and penniless, in her desperation she becomes a mail order bride to a rich rancher in Texas. The rancher buys her a train ticket to Wichita where she meets her guide, Frank Zelletta, who is to safely escort her on the long and dangerous journey to Texas.

Frank is a dreadfully scarred giant of a man with a belligerent and bad-tempered personality. Beatrice is terrified of him, but he promises to protect her and she has no recourse but to trust him. Having very little money and no prospects, she has no choice but to go with him on the extremely hazardous trip taking them through three states.

Despite her misgivings, Beatrice eventually sees a different side to her guide that is more caring and begins to fall in love with him. She is torn between her for love for Zelletta and the dangerous, haphazard life she would have with him. Or the grand and comparatively safe existence she would expect to have with the rich Texas rancher she has agreed to marry. She hasn’t met the rancher yet and he was many years her senior, so there was a lot she had to think about.

About the author, Ken Coleman:

ken colemanKen Coleman was born in Derby England. Studied at Sturgess secondary modern school where his favourite subject was English literature. He served in the Royal Navy for a period of nine years. During that time, he travelled to many countries all over the world, including Iceland, where he was involved in fishery protection and the Far East, where he spent many months patrolling the waters around the Philipines and indonesia protecting sea traders against piracy.

An avid reader, Ken Coleman took to writing late in life and has so far, self published 6 novels and a book of poetry. The first book, “The boy with the 40 year old brain was his first attempt at writing a novel which, when published gave him a great sense of achievement. However, his greatest love is the Western genre but it wasn’t until after several trips to America where he and his wife travelled through many western states including California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Colorado, that he felt confident enough, being an Englishman, to attempt his first western.

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