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Shriek: Legend of the Bean Sídhe by Jennifer Barry

Jennifer BarrySara Donovan’s father says that she’s a banshee, but her mom thinks that she just needs to see a psychiatrist. The morning after her eighteenth birthday she finds herself outside a stranger’s house screaming her head off. Maybe her dad is right. She can’t control her screaming or who dies, but realizes that things could be worse. Her newfound talents could cause a crazy madman to try and kill her. Or, that someone she loves will be the next to die.

Ridley O’Neill is a long-time patron of Sara’s father’s diner and has known her since childhood. She’s eighteen now and he no longer sees her as the gap-toothed kid who used to bring him tea at the diner. Sara’s mother would be furious to know his thoughts about Sara, since he’s from the wrong side of town. Even though he thinks Sara is crazy for thinking she’s a banshee, he can’t help himself from trying to protect her from a dangerous legacy. Even though it could mean his death.

Can Sara be released from the ancient banshee’s curse? Time is running out for Sara and Ridley so they have to make a choice between finding answers or chasing love.

About the author, Jennifer Barry:

Jennifer Barry

Even though Jennifer Barry started her career on a stage, she eventually ended up behind a keyboard. She thinks the writer’s life better suits her introverted nature and occasionally uses her opera training for karaoke. She lives in Nashville with her hilarious Irish husband, Liam, who enjoys moderate Internet fame among Jen’s Facebook friends and blog followers.

Jen still cringes over her first book written at age twelve. She has currently completed more novels than she could ever count with four of them published. The Kingdom and The Morning Star were her first two and were inspired by her husband’s homeland, featuring Irish mythology, some of her opera background, and a bit of forbidden love. Her third book, Side Effects, is written as a love letter to teens suffering from mental illness and learning disabilities while navigating the hell that is high school. The fourth is Going Under: The Oracles of St. Ambrose and is a teen paranormal mystery set in her hometown of Nashville. Jen books are intended to be a homage to some of her favorite authors from childhood: Meg Cabot, Carolyn Keene, and Lois Duncan.

Jennifer Barry is a freelance marketing copywriter and ghostwriter and is able to do her job from her couch in Nashville. Her greatest fears are fake sweetener and small talk. Among the many loves of her life, she chooses Liam, her family, her furbabies, and craft beer above all.

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