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Escape (Alliance Book 1) by Inna Hardison

free fantasy Escape (Alliance Book 1) by [Hardison, Inna]What if everything you knew about the world around you was a lie, and the very people you were taught to fear were your salvation, your escape?

Meet Amelia, raised in the safety of a Replenisher compound, a protectorate for the few Alliance females who can bear children. In two months, she will have to choose a mate and begin her duties, except it doesn’t happen like that.




Inside Evil by G. Wakeling

free fantasy Inside Evil by [Wakeling, Geoffrey]With an ancient evil threatening to break the bonds between worlds, a curse-infected Roberta Arlington must solve the mystery whilst trying not to kill her friends.







Mission: Improbable by J.J. Green

book dealIn the deepest reaches of the galaxy there are places and beings that aren’t impossible, just very, very improbable. Encountering a terrifying insectoid alien sets low-achieving daydreamer Carrie Hatchett on the path to a fast-paced, light-hearted space adventure that tests her concentration, fighting abilities and deduction skills.





Brothers in Exile: Sons of the Starfarers, Book I by Joe Vasicek

free science fictionOn the fringes of settled space, two starfaring brothers discover a derelict station with a girl locked in cryofreeze. Realizing that they are her only hope for rescue, they set out to find a way to revive her. But a frontier war is brewing—one that they cannot hope to avoid.

They both harbor a secret, though. Somewhere else in the Outworlds is another derelict station—one that they used to call home. That secret will either bind them together or draw them apart.



Alignment: The Silent City by H.G. Suren

free fantasyFive friends wake up to discover they are left alone on earth–the rest of humanity is gone.
Empty streets are littered with stalled-out cars, buses, and motorcycles. A sunless and moonless sky is covered with an enormous barrier that prevents any view of the heavens.
And silence, pervasive and absolute, reigns. Nothing stirs. The air is oppressive and there is no wind, not even the softest breeze.

As far as the five friends can tell, there isn’t another living thing on earth other than them, neither animal nor plant. What happened to life on Earth while they slept?



No Dogs in Philly by Andy Futuro

free fantasyIn a futuristic dystopian Philadelphia, someone is killing blue-eyed girls and they are good at it. The mysterious Gaespora have contracted tough-as-nails detective Saru Solan to find a very special girl before the killers do—a girl who may or may not be host to the wrathful alien entity known as the Blue God. But when the dead start coming back to life, Saru starts to suspect there’s more going on here than she was told.

No Dogs in Philly is a cyberpunk noir of monsters, Gods, and aliens, unlike anything you’ve ever read. Fast-paced, action-packed, darkly satirical, and disturbing. Rated R.



Heliosphere 2265, Volume 1: The Dark Fragment (Science Fiction) by Andreas Suchanek

free fantasy2013, 2014 and 2015 nominated for the German Phantastic Award in the Category “Best Series”.

On 1 November 2265, Captain Jayden Cross takes command of the Hyperion. Equipped with an experimental interlink drive and the latest offensive and defensive technologies, the Hyperion will serve on the front lines at hot spots across the Solar Union.
On their first assignment the crew finds itself in a perilous predicament as a rescue mission spirals into disaster. Surrounded by hostile forces, Captain Cross must make a grave decision that could decide between life and death, and war and peace in the Solar Union …


Future City Blues by Milo James Fowler

free fantasyA tech noir collection, containing the stories The Wrong Tom Jacks by Simon Kewin, Tripler: The Beginning by Neil Vogler and Doppelgänger’s Curse by Milo James Fowler.

The Wrong Tom Jacks by Simon Kewin
Simms is a genehunter, paid by megarich collectors to track down the DNA of the famous for their private zoos. He’s employed to locate the genetic code of Tom Jacks. But not the rock star Tom Jacks, just an unknown namesake.



Phoenix Child by Alica McKenna Johnson

free fantasySara is just another group home kid. She’s given up on being part of a family and has planned out her life as a child of the system.
Then she wakes on her fifteenth birthday, with ruby red streaks through her now midnight black hair and strange powers she did not know she possessed.
As Sara struggles with powers that overwhelm her, she must decide whether to turn her back on this new life or embrace her identity as Sapphire the Phoenix Child. The lives of hundreds of magical creatures rest on her decision.



Turning Grace by J.Q. Davis

free fantasyGrace Watkins is a typical teenage girl.
But she has a growing hunger inside of her that she can’t seem to control.
After learning that her whole life has been based on a lie, she must decide whether or not to trust the man who is responsible for her insatiable need to feed.

Life or death? It’s all the same for Grace…




Bringing Stella Home by Joe Vasicek

free fantasyJames McCoy never thought he would face an invasion. But when an undefeated enemy slags his homeworld and carries off his brother and sister, nothing in the universe will stop him from getting them back.

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. Hard times show the greatness in men, and those who give all are changed forever.




Talon: The Windwalker Archive: Book 1 (Legends of Agora) (The Windwalker Archive series) by Michael Ploof

free fantasyTALON: Book 1 of the Windwalker Archive follows the early years of a unique boy, a fifteen year old runt living on the barbarian island of Volnoss. Born premature during the frozen plague that took his mother, shunned by his father, and raised by his grandmother, Talon has always felt like he doesn’t belong.

For years he dreams of growing big and strong like the giants that surround him. But as the day of measure draws near, he begins to realize that he will never be named a Vald, and will be cast to the village of the Skomm to live a life of slavery.


Monte Vista Village, The Survivor Diaries- Book I, by Lynn Lamb

free science fictionHave you ever pondered your chances of surviving a nuclear apocalypse? Are you prepared for life without a government, electricity, and grocery stores? Laura Patton figured it out. Test your survivor skills against hers in the wildly popular, gripping, Monte Vista Village. And now you can do it for FREE!






Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I (A Loki Series) by C. Gockel

free ebookWhen Amy prays for a savior, Loki the Norse God of Mischief isn’t who she has in mind. Loki can’t resist Amy’s summons, but he can insist she help him defeat Odin. Myth, magic, and mayhem abound in this urban fantasy that has over 400 reviews on Amazon!






The Sibyl (The Oracle Series Vol. 1) by Cynthia D. Witherspoon

Eva McRayne didn’t believe in the paranormal. Ghosts and myths were for kids, not adults. But a chance encounter with Apollo’s Sibyl changed all that. Now, as Eva struggles to understand how fiction became reality, she is forced to accept the responsibilities of a role she didn’t ask for:

The Sibyl. Messenger of the Dead. Daughter of Apollo.






Shadowborn by Moira Katson

The Duke of Voltur has schemed for years to become the power behind the throne of Heddred, using his niece Miriel to secure the King’s heart. He has chosen Catwin, an orphan, to become Miriel’s Shadow: spy, assassin, and bodyguard. Thrown together by his ambitions, Catwin and Miriel must learn quickly to survive in a Court that wants them both dead…




White Boy On Fire and the Hall of Answers by Stephen Shapiro

This is the story of how I left everything behind and went to a new country by myself where I did and experienced things that I never would have imagined possible for me.

It runs in parallel with another fictitious story about a man named Man who goes on a journey to discover the ultimate truths behind himself and reality.





The Last King’s Amulet by Chris Northern

Sumto is a lazy, entitled drunk who shirks any mention of responsiblity. Unfortunately for him, his sister’s powerful fiance tells him to leave the city or die, so Sumto uncermoniously joins the military. Of course his reasoning is that if he makes enough money (from the spoils) and distinguishes himself fairly well everyone will leave him alone and he can do whatever he pleases, but everything goes horribly wrong. Luckily his has a few friends left who will help him save the day.




Concealed Kingdoms: The Serial by Chris Northern

free science fictionI think of the Concealed Kingdoms as The Many Colored Land meets The World of Tiers, the former by Julian May and the latter by Philip Jose Farmer.

Like the world of Tiers, there are many pocket worlds where mythological creatures and peoples live. The fey are not magical beings, but have psychic powers; each individual fey is uniquely stronger or weaker in one or another of these powers, which they can combine to manifest various effects.



Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra by TJ Shortt

When you’re a teenage girl just becoming a werewolf, waking up naked in a stranger’s backyard is a huge problem! Moving to secluded Shiver Cove seems ideal. Realizing something stalks the streets of Shiver Cove, Tamyra agonizes if her deepest fears are manifesting and her werewolf side is killing.





After the Cure by Deirdre Gould

free ebookAfter the Cure is about a world recovering from a devastating plague. Those who were infected were driven mad, attacking anyone and anything without distinction. But a cure was found and as they recover, the remaining humans realize that the Infected remember everything they did while they were ill and everything that they endured at the hands of others.






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