Ciana Stone’s New Suspense Thriller!


Ciana Stone A tale that could have been ripped from the pages of current events. It will have you hanging on every word, afraid to find out what happens next yet eager to turn the page.” Candid Book Reviews

Falling in love is supposed to be the most wonderful time of your life.

That’s not how it is working
for psychiatrist Sydney Forrest. She finds herself smack in the middle of a conspiracy surrounding a terrorist attack.

The FBI are confiscating her patient files, she’s under surveillance, and there’s someone out there who wants to do more than ruin her career.

She’s walking in the territory of lies
and unsure what is waiting around the next turn.

Falling in love is taking a back seat…To staying alive.

About the author, Ciana Stone:

Ana StoneAna is the suspense personality of Ciana Stone. She grew up in the Carolinas, but a decade ago made the trek south and now calls Florida home.

Reading is her preferred entertainment so she typically always has a Kindle or a device with the Kindle app nearby. She reads pretty much every genre because in Ana’s world, there are great tales to be found everywhere.

Goodreads reviews of The Territory of Lies by Ciana Stone:

42927213Amanda Barbee‘s review

I am definitely no stranger to the work of Ciana Stone, but this was better than I could have imagined. I’m definitely one of those habit forming readers, once I like a book from an author I will pretty much read anything they write, even if by the end of a book it isn’t my cup of tea, I still read it.

This story was slightly out of the zone of my reads lately but it was entertaining and it kept me in the story. The drama, well I guess you could call it more suspense than drama, was spot on and something I have come to expect from this author. I love the characters, they were so well developed! The pacing of the story was a bit slow for me but it didn’t necessarily take away from the quality I would just personally have liked it a bit quicker.

Well done Ciana Stone!! Another success!!


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