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Breakdown: Episode 1 (A Post-Apocalyptic Serial Adventure) by Jordon Quattlebaum

breakdownBreakdown – Episode 1 “The Fall”

When Thom Monroe’s car breaks down on the side of the road he’s sure the day can’t get any worse. However, he soon receives a mysterious call warning of impending doom. Moments later the U.S. is hit by what appears to be an Electromagnetic Pulse, knocking the power grid almost completely offline. Millions will die in the coming weeks, and Thom is unprepared. Worst of all, his daughter, the only family he has left, is half way across the state at college.

Join Thom as he makes friends, outwits thugs, battles bandits, and travels across the state to reunite with his daughter. Can a broken man survive and thrive the apocalypse?

**Breakdown is a serial adventure. Think of it like reading your favorite TV show, with a new Episode released every 3-4 weeks**
Episode 2 is out now! Find it here:

About the Author

Breakdown by Jordon QuattlebaumJordon Quattlebaum is a former elementary school teacher who started to think about preparing for emergencies when he became the father of two beautiful baby girls, and the husband of a beautiful wife. He enjoys learning about alternative building methods, food preservation, gardening, playing board games, learning countless things from YouTube, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. Oh, writing is up there too.


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