Bitter Revenge Free August 28 to Sept 1


Bitter Revenge – Free Mystery August 28 – Sept 1

Bitter Revenge: When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted, (A Medical Thriller) (A Steele Russell Adventure)
by Robert G. Carlson MD

Bitter RevengeHow Can One Decision Change Your Life Forever?

Heart surgeon, Dr. Robert Carlson’s thrilling medical mystery will reveal how your life can quickly change.

What Would You Do If Someone Blackmailed You Into Committing Murder?

In this crime thriller, seminary student, Vincent has been forced into a desperate position after a sinister secret is exposed and his only way out is to commit murder.

This international killing spree spreads from Sicily to the shores of Florida, creating a fast-paced murder mystery. Vincent’s final assassination contract involves killing innocent patients waiting for a heart transplant.

The bodies are piling up in this medical murder mystery when Steele Russell, heart surgical resident, uncovers the conspiracy and a deeper intrigue. Steele struggles against all odds with his responsibility as a surgeon or avenging a friend’s death. This scalpel-sharp medical thriller reaches a crescendo finish after a frenetic ride.


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