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Alexis Cleoford enjoys writing comedy and insightful stories for children and young adults and volunteers at no kill shelters for cats and dogs.

Cats are Not Stupider on Jupiter: Vacuum Man vs. Cats by Alexis Cleoford

Alexis CleofordMighty the cat wants to enter the VIP kitty competition and lets nothing get in the way; he doesn’t let barf, a cute kitten, and even his feline brother, Brennon, stop him.

Mighty and Brennon brainstorm some not so award winning ideas for the contest, but finally decide to perform a feat which scares even brave cats. During the performance, an accident occurs and makes Mighty think fast on his paws. The felines’ valiant actions are recognized as heroic, and the feline brothers are presented with an odd award which Mighty secretly thinks is worse than getting coal for Christmas.

Mighty and Brennon practice what they think of as ‘exemplary behavior’ but still end up in cat behavior school. While at school, Mighty begins to hear strange buzzing sounds coming from the outdoors. These sounds are ominous to Mighty and he later learns that they come from a machine called Vacuum Man which was first seen at the VIP kitty competition. The machine destroys almost anything on its path, and no one knows how to stop it. No one can figure out who Vacuum Man is.
Mighty meet a certain Mr. Know-It-All cat at the behavior school who reveals the shocking news that Vacuum Man is headed towards Jupiter. This new insight leads Mighty to believe that Vacuum Man will destabilize the largest vacuum cleaner in the solar system: Jupiter.

With some luck, Mighty and Brennon get the chance to fly to outer space with the dynamic Space Out Society (SOS). Mighty learns about teamwork, red swirls, and trust as he faces his greatest fears on the barren landscape with courage. Mighty and Brennon don’t see aliens on Jupiter, but they feel the red sparks of victory.

In order to save Earth and the solar system from destruction, the feline duo must face one of the greatest fears that cats and dogs face: the fear of vacuum cleaners and loud buzzing noises. Will Mighty and Brennon harness their might to save the solar system or will they trip over their tails?

About the author, Alexis Cleoford:

Alexis CleofordI’m constantly experimenting with language and bringing new ideas to life. I enjoy writing comedy and insightful stories for children and young adults. I spend way too much time thinking for my own good. I have been writing novels and stories since 2015. I will be writing satire in the future and will continue to write middle grade books. I’ve been inspired by all the book I’ve read and feel that there is something to glean from almost any book.

I like to volunteer at no kill shelters for cats and dogs, and enjoy trying to teach my cat to talk (she can say one word so far). Outside the shelter, I’m always there to help an animal in need. I’m generally eclectic and have a broad range of interests and skills, both academic and creative. Feel free to contact me. My email is alexis at

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