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VAMPIRE / VAMPIRE (The Adventures of Lilianda) 

free science fictionFor millennia it has been forbidden for any vampire to bite a human, yet one has done so.

When a vampire tries to drink the blood of a Count in Transylvania, the consequences are horrendous. A horde of vampires seeking mortal blood is unleashed into the mountains of Carpathia, killing mortals and creating more like themselves.

When Lilianda hears rumors of this activity she finds them difficult to believe, yet, the tales must be verified before she can discard them. She races to the Carpathian Mountains to confront them, gathering other vampi and their vampires as she goes. To her horror, she discovers that the tales are true.

For years, teams of vampi and vampires fight these marauders in the only way they know how, with wooden stakes through the heart. It isn’t until Lilianda meets a tiny slip of a girl that a more efficient method is introduced, slicing off the heads with a sword.

But, when they begin hearing reports of a master vampire in Transylvania, they encounter a vampire that is smarter, adept at magic and more vicious than they can imagine. Fighting him will be the greatest challenge they have ever faced.

Will Count Dracula outwit them all?